Terminal 19

Terminal 19 - LR Olson - New Age Romance

What do you do when you’re getting ready to turn twenty and only have a couple years to live? You go to Europe. Or Scandinavia to be exact, because Scandinavia does have the hottest guys. Have you seen Thor? I’ve got my bucket list and I’m ready to live the rest of my short life to the fullest. Go abroad where no one knows I’m ill? Check. See the sites? Check. Hook up with a Scandinavian Hottie? Check.

Despite the threat of my dour future hanging over my head, everything is going great…until Scandinavian Hottie wants to get serious. It was never my intention to take things to the next level. After all, I don’t want to hurt him when I leave. However, the more time we spend together, the harder I fall, and I’m not sure if it’s his heart or mine that’s going to end up broken. When my depressing future takes an unexpected turn, and I’m suddenly given a second chance, will I be able to put the pieces back together, or have I destroyed everything for good?

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The St. Clare Series

Seduction (Prequel)

Seduction - LR Olson - New Age Romance

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It started as a simple one-night stand. Who would have thought it would end in her near death? Mia is getting ready to start college and should be ecstatic about her future. Instead, she’s nursing a broken heart when she meets the dangerous and wealthy Griffin St. Clare. She can’t help but give into temptation and sleep with the notorious womanizer. But will her one mistake destroy her life as she knows it?



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Redemption (Book One)

Redemption - LR Olson - New Age Romance It’s been over a year since my perfect life was destroyed within the burning confines of an SUV. With my parents gone, I find myself juggling work and college, just trying to make enough money to survive. And although it’s anything but true, I can’t seem to escape my reputation as the girl who sleeps around. But I have a plan: keep my head down, go through the motions and get the hell out of my small town as soon as possible.

Things are going as planned…until the mysterious Ryder St. Clare shows up, saving my life like some modern-day knight in shining armor. Gorgeous, smart and athletic, he seems too good to be true. Maybe he is. From the moment I meet Ryder, I know he harbors secrets he’s more than reluctant to share. Although I should be wary, I can’t stop myself from wanting him, needing him, caring about him. Is Ryder St. Clare the answer to my dreams, or will dating him open a Pandora’s box of pain better left buried in the past?

 Wealthy, gorgeous and athletic, Griffin always gets what he wants. When he meets Mia at a party during summer break, he wants her with a desperation he’s never felt before. Mia throws herself at him, leading Griffin to assume she’s another townie out to snatch a rich guy. He doesn’t expect the innocent to worm her way into his heart. But when his actions bring about disaster can she ever forgive him?

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