About Me:

-I continue a series based on the number of reviews and sales. Why reviews? Because reviews sell books! Yes, I love a good review. All authors do! But the reason I need reviews isn’t because of my ego, but because of my greed. Just kidding! Seriously, of course I love to write, and even if I wasn’t making money I’d still write. But to write as a full time job and devote hours a day to the craft, means I have to make money. I have to be able to support myself and my family. To do this I have to sell books. If a book doesn’t make money, sadly I can’t continue the series. Would you work months for free? Of course not! Even if a book doesn’t sell well, I still might continue the series…it will just take me much longer. Canceling a series is nothing new; New York publishers cancel book series all the time if they don’t sell well. It’s been going on for years.

-I write young adult books under Lori Brighton. I decided to write under the name of L.R. Olson to separate my young adult from my more R-rated books. I’ve always felt a bit guilty writing R-rated books and young adult books under the same name. After talking to some of the mom readers over the years, and having them confirm that they would feel more comfortable if I used another name, I decided to write my contemporary under something new. L.R. Olson will focus on adult-only books.

-Why L.R. Olson? I wavered back and forth about what name to use. I even used another at first. But then I got an email from a reader so excited that we shared the same last name. I had to explain that it was actually a pen name. Being someone who is interested in heritage and family trees, I decided to use a family name. Since I’d only written one short prequel under my other name, I knew I needed to change it before it was too late. Yes, Olson is a family name. My father died when I was younger and I never knew his family well. So to honor them I decided to use their family name…Olson, which is Swedish. In case you’re curious, I’m also of English and Norwegian descent.

-I have no idea when my next book will be out as I never schedule things, and have learned better than to promise a date that I will probably break!

-I love T.V.! My favorite shows? Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Arrow, Jane the Virgin, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Downton Abbey, Bluebloods, The Blacklist just to name a few. Favorite movies? The Bourne Trilogy, Pride and Prejudice (both versions), The Saint, Captain America: The Winter Solider, Harry Potter, and a lot more.

-I also love to travel and learn about other cultures. I love other cultures so much that I even went to college to study Anthropology. Favorite places? I don’t think I can pick! Alaska, Ireland, England, Scotland, Hawaii….

-I love to meditate and do yoga, but unfortunately for my peace of mind, I don’t do it nearly enough.

-I speak a little German. A little, and not very well.

-I can’t read your manuscript or give you a quote because I seriously don’t have the time, and legally it’s just not a smart thing to do. Find a trusted critique partner, or critique group to help.

-I really, really respect people who are non-judgmental, positive, loving, and never take things personally. These are the characteristics I constantly strive to achieve, although I many, many times fail!

– I do have a Instagram page.   Feel free to follow me @LR.OlsonAuthor.

-I do not currently have an agent, as I haven’t felt I needed one at the moment. Any inquiries about book rights can be sent directly to me.


Will you be writing any more contemporary books?

  • Not in the near future. The one contemporary, For Hire, was probably my worst selling book and has very limited reviews. Sadly, the series will be set aside for better selling books.

Will there be more books in the St. Clare Series (New Adult Books)?

  • Yes, I do still plan to write two more books. Because sales are low and reviews almost nonexistent for Redemption, the other two books have been pushed aside. I do plan to work on it in my free time or when I get the urge, but it won’t be out for a while.

Will there be more Historical Romances?

  • Yes, there will. But again, because sales are low the series is being set aside. I do hope to continue the books when I have some free time. And yes, each brother will have his own book.

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