A Dangerous Temptation
LR Olson - A Dangerous Temptation** Finalist in the New England Readers’ Choice Awards **


Ruined by scandal, Julianna has hidden away in the country for the last few years hoping her indiscretion will eventually fade from the memory of society. Yes, she’s been lonely at times, but she’s content enough to follow her own rules. And when that bothersome nagging sensation that she’s missing something more flares, she’s able to shove it aside and focus on her friends, family and her true passion…painting. Until James arrives. James is arrogant, demanding and makes her believe that anything is possible, even a second chance at love. But is James the man he pretends to be?


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A Dangerous Deception
LR Olson - A Dangerous DeceptionFour brothers. James the strong and sure. Rafe the irresponsible rake. Oliver the cold and clinical. Then there was William. William the honorable Knight in Shining Armor.

After years of ignoring the whispered rumors about his disreputable family, William has a plan. His dream of becoming a solider will bring respect to the family name, and help England forget decades of mishaps. Everything in his carefully constructed life is going as planned, until he meets Lillian. From the moment she steps from the carriage he knows she belongs to him. But how can their passionate affair lead to a happily ever when she’s already engaged to his cousin?

Please Note: Because of cursing and content, these volumes are recommended for readers eighteen years of age and older.


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Dangerous Series FAQ….

How many books are in the Dangerous Series?

There are currently two books: A Dangerous Temptation (free!) and A Dangerous Deception. There will be three more, with a total of five.

Why are they in first person?

I was writing contemporary books in first person and thought…why not try something new? Readers might not realize but historical romance is not a huge seller, and publishers are always looking for ways to help the market. I thought first person might bring in more readers, perhaps even some contemporary readers. I understand that your typical historical romance reader might be put off, but hopefully they will give it a try, and appreciate something different. If they don’t like it, book 1 is free so they’re not out of any money.

In what time period is the Dangerous Series placed?

I purposefully didn’t mention a time period. There are elements of Regency, but if I had to place this series in a time period it would probably be more Victorian. I’m a history lover, however I hate when historical facts overshadow the story. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be accuracy, but we have to remember these were people with personalities. When we say “they would never eat fish for that meal!” Well, you know, maybe they would. Or when we say “a woman would never talk like that,” in reality we have no idea what women did in private. And that’s the thing about history…when we place people and events in boxes, we miss the uniqueness of the individual. These people were not mindless robots who all acted the same way, they had likes and dislikes just like us.

P.S. Sometimes I make mistakes on purpose. Yes, I know “bloody hell” supposedly wasn’t used during the Victorian Era, but it’s just so fun!

The first two books were written as three-part serials, each one released separately. Will you continue the rest of the books this way?

I wrote them as serials to, again, give them a modern take. Because most people didn’t enjoy them written that way I’ve decided to release the rest as a whole book. They will still be in three parts, but released as a complete novel. I’ve found that I enjoy writing the books in parts, almost like a soap opera, which can up the suspense and drama.

What was your inspiration for these books?

Jane Eyre (also written in first person) is a favorite of mine. I love the brooding characters, the gothic type setting and all that drama! I also missed the earlier romances, the first romances I read, that were so full of drama and emotion.